160 miles and 10 hours.

Though I'm located in the Vancouver/Portland area, I have roots in Seattle. I took on a project for a client I had worked for previously while living in Seattle, even though I had since relocated 160 miles away. She sent me a series of photos taken on her cell phone and a few measurements and then entrusted me with designing from afar. This was an exciting opportunity because I want to expand my horizons into e-design services, where I choose furniture, accessories, etc based off photos and phone/email conversations with clients and then send them room layouts and links to products to purchase and they assemble their rooms themselves. It's a very cost-effective way to deliver my design aesthetic to essentially any location in the world!

For this project, I ordered the majority of product online and had it shipped directly to her. I did visit a few local stores for some smaller finds, then loaded my car up and started my trek to Seattle for a quick install day. My vision for this space was to keep it light, bright and airy. They have a beautiful water view, living right on the beach, and I wanted to make sure that was the focal point of the room...no distractions with bright colors or heavy furniture pieces. It was so gratifying to see the room come together so well just based off of photos. I also loved this project because we were able to work together on the install and incorporate many items, like artwork for example, that she had in storage because she was unsure initially of how it could fit in the space. The photos below were taken as we were working because I wanted to make sure that we'd still have daylight so they are rough "first drafts" of the space. The end result was serene and neutral...along with a happy client that I look forward to working with again. Stay tuned for final reveal photos of the entire room!